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Why Is It Important To Do An Internship/Dissertation In Your College Life?

6 February 2019

College life is essentially the first step we take towards building our future. However, staying within the four walls of the classroom or just between the pages of the books do not create enough exposure that is required for a well-settles future. In this article we briefly discuss about the importance to taking up internships and doing at least one dissertation during your college years.




  • Gaining work environment skills: An internship is regarded as the first step to a successful work life. An internship can be termed as the merging point between student life and work life. The stipend or the pay should never be the focus point of an internship. Instead, the focus point should be to learn skills that will help you in the future. Some lucrative skills gained during an internship includes communication & interpersonal skills, taking work calls, writing formal emails, understanding work culture, teamwork, and many others. Such skills will not only enrich you as a person but it will prepare for the future that you have always dreamt of achieving.
  • An addition to your CV: A degree with high marks is an excellent point on your CV. However, adding an internship experience to your CV even before college ends shows another practical achievement. In the corporate world, it is our CV which represents us at first glance. Employers first view our CV before calling us in for an interview. Therefore, an internship (preferably in the sector you want a future in) is the addition that will make you stand out in the crowd. But do be careful at this point because employers like to see if you can balance your activities. Do not let your marks fall because you were doing an internship. Keeping a good performance in college and at the internship is the impressing factor for employers.




  • Enhanced research skills: A dissertation is the proof for you to claim your research skills. This goes beyond the academic books. You need to go through scholarly articles on the Internet and shuffle through library books to get your dissertation up to the mark. A dissertation may not be the only way to work on your research skills but it is a proven method as it includes case studies that brings you to prove your thoroughness in your job. Not only does your research skills get enhanced, your analytical, critical, and summarising skills take a fairly huge leap too.
  • Showcasing dedication and mind presence: Since dissertation is a lengthy thesis which requires time, awareness, ability to grasp new concepts and in many cases goes as far as applying theories to prove practical incidents, a dissertation project brings itself a big deal of impression which is admirable and dignified.


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