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12 February 2018
Students are always stressed out about making the right career choices. Once that’s done, it gets worse when they have to go through an extremely difficult process of exams over a long period of time which more often than not, continues even when students want to pursue post graduation. With little possibility of clearing it at a go, most of them have to keep trying till they finally get the degree.
The NSE Academy (a wholly owned subsidiary of National Stock Exchange) has joined hands with EIDOS to give rise to a power packed, specialized Finance course led by a team of experts including academicians and analysts. The course caters to students wanting to either go for higher studies right or get hands on experience with some of the most reputed companies in the industry right after graduation. The biggest advantage of the course is that it is self paced and can be finished song with graduation. A student can choose a convenient time to finish exams according to their schedules and complete it by the end of graduation.
GAFA offers:
– 12 subjects
– 6 Indian Regulatory certifications spread across three levels, namely – Associate, Expert and Professional
In each level, students are required to give 4 examinations. After students appear for the expert GAFA examinations, they either pursue an internship or submit a dissertation post which they get the GAFA certificate! On a global level, GAFA equips the student to work in industry verticals such as banks, credit rating organizations, asset management companies, financial firms and research organisations.
Students can also opt for higher education right after graduation with a distinct advantage of having finished a professional course by the NSE Academy. This gives students an edge over other graduate students when they are sitting for their GDs and PIs. Moreover they have a strong knowledge base which can help them in their post graduate studies. Armed with 6 Indian Regulatory Certificates and their post graduate degrees, students will get the cream of placements after their masters
With industrial training from mentors, ample resources in the form of books, journals, sample work sheets, etc., we ensure the student is corporate ready with an excellent knowledge base.
For students looking for great opportunities in Finance and are scouting career options with the best employers (even on a global scale), GAFA serves as the perfect tool to take their career to new heights.
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