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Wanting A Career In Finance? You NEED To Have These Skills!

2 June 2018

The career which is trending, and has the highest paid jobs these days are careers in finance! However there are certain skills which are required to have a successful career in finance. Keep reading to know what the must-have’s in the skills section!   Interpersonal Skills: There was a time when finance was limited to a crunching numbers in cubical, but now if someone wants to excel in finance he or she has to meet client on a daily basis and have a good relationship with a client. Financial Reporting There’s no doubt that financial reporting skills is the most important requirement in this industry. However, finding candidates with strong financial reporting skills is a challenge. Good 6nowledge of Technology In our generation no matter where we work, having a good technology knowledge is a must. Similarly in finance the more the knowledge on quick and efficient tools, programs and functions one knows in Excel, the better they set their career in finance. Strong Analytical and Quantitative Skills The job is completely related to finance and numbers so it is very important to be comfortable with the same and have a strong analytical skills. Leadership To be a successful in the field of finance one should have a good leadership quality and motivation and a great sense of ownership. Formal Qualifications The most important skill for the finance sector is having a formal qualification. Knowledge of accounting, financial analysis and reporting, regulations, taxation are important to pursue your career in finance.

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