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Stock Market Course In Kolkata Along With A Few Interesting Facts!

6 October 2018

Here are some things you’ll find interesting about the stock market:

  1. The oldest stock market in the world was established in Amsterdam in the year 1602.
  2. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has the most number of listed companies in the world with approximately 5600 companies.
  3. There are a total of 23 stock exchanges in India.
  4. When it comes to a stock rumor, it spreads faster than the speed of light.
  5. Walt Disney would give his housekeeper Disney stocks during every holiday. She passed away a multi-millionaire!
  6. Stock markets consist of many elements such as trader, investor, seller, buyer, primary markets, secondary markets, broker etc. It is a very large community.
  7. There is a bull statue in front of the second gate at the BSE. People have this superstition that whenever this door is opened, the markets crash.
  8. The terms ‘bear’ and ‘bull’ is considered to have originated from the way each animal attacks. The bull thrusting it’s horn upwards, while the bear swiping downwards.
  9. Takashi Kotegawa, a Japanese trader turned $13,600 into over $150 million in just eight years’ time. However, he does not live lavishly at all.
  10. The New York Stock Exchange is considered to be the most traditional one as traders cannot enter the stock exchange floor if not wearing a suit and tie.

To learn more about the stock market and to gain in-depth knowledge about the financial world, you can get to know about some stock market courses in Kolkata. GAFA by NSE ACADEMY brings to you power-packed finance courses which a student can enroll to after their 12th and complete the course whilst doing their graduation. GAFA provides online courses which enables students to have access to the study materials from anywhere. The courses allows an individual to build a strong base of knowledge about financial markets and financial careers. Additionally, GAFA provides a program known as GAFA classroom where in students attend lectures by NSE ACADEMY faculty and stock market experts. However, this program is currently available only in Kolkata. To know more about the stock market courses in Kolkata that GAFA provides you can head over to their website and find more details about their program structure and curriculum. Alternatively, you can search stock market courses in Kolkata by GAFA on the internet to go directly to their information page.

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