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Steps to take in your 20s

23 January 2019
  • Create an emergency fund: It is time to not lure yourself into making luxurious expenses, even as small as catching a cab when you could have caught that bus. By now you should have understood that there will be situations when you will find yourself in a hiccup to spend a few bucks and then you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t make the easier decision. What comes easy also comes with a cost and cost comes in a different ways of payment. Emergency fund gives you a sense of security and also keeps you worriless.


  • Detach that financial string with family: This step needs some build up like taking up a paid internship and eventually starting to work. There should come a year in your 20s, sooner if not later, when you are able to pay for your expenses. This has a lot of advantages with respect to you understanding the worth of money, driving more income in family, saving your parent’s money and a sense of freedom to your lifestyle.


  • Learn new skills: It is the age to become uncomfortable! After 30s, people want to get settled in. They run out of time trying to get by life and have a lot of external burden to introduce new perspectives. However, not everyone in their 30s are as lethargic as you may think. To have a sound life later, make the best out of your 20s. Join a foreign language class, intern at different places, join dance classes or even hit the gym. All these options and many others certify you which is a plus for the time you spend in them.


  • Network: We are now in the age of young people having conditions like social anxiety and the intolerance to listen to someone else. However, we all know those people who have a good set of contacts on the tip of their fingers. It is wise to understand that there is a system of referrals that work around us and it only takes place for those who have communicated with a bunch of people that are currently doing something. Networking can work for you in different ways; getting a job, getting investment for your start-up, cracking a deal or organising an event or a part of the event, and even sometimes saving a lot of money because someone you knew got the work done. Getting your way into a student body organization, an organization committee or even meeting people you know could be some options of good types of networking.


  • Find answers to that big question! Career is a very complicated scenario. “Should I take up a job?”, “Should I study?”, “Should I do your own thing?”, “What should my salary be?”, “How to negotiate?”, “Is this worth it?” A very strong 20s spent will give you strong intuition work also. The people around you will also help you a lot with your life decisions (Reminder: Choose your people wisely). Following a particular trend is passé. Understanding what is the right time for you and balancing it out with your financial health is what is right for you; which may or may not be right for others.


At GAFA we give an enhanced career experience to students who are willing to learn and study more than everyday finance. We aim at getting to the depth of financial markets and spreading financial literacy in the country. Our full placement assistance at the end of professional course gives an edge to an individual’s life texture and sets a high standard for them to achieve more and more for the rest of their lives.

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