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For A Sound Course After 12th, Know Role Of A Financial Advisor

11 August 2018

A financial advisor’s job is taxing, laden with new challenges, and at the same time hugely rewarding. At GAFA, with courses after 12th we try to help the student focus on the pros of being a financial advisor. And not many jobs are as rewarding as this after you have put in the effort of studying. On the face of it, a financial advisor helps people make monetary decisions, offer advice, information, tools, and services to their clients. Money, goes without saying, is an essential man cannot do without. Therefore, demand and the role played by financial advisors in companies and for people, are huge. Advisors have a deeper, broader knowledge when it comes to money management than you do, especially when it comes to taxes and investments. Therefore, an advisor can help devise a plan for you to help ensure you reach your retirement goals. Also, not many are sure about their financial health and how to go about their business. Advisors assess your current financial health by examining your assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan and create a plan. For you personally, after completing commerce course after 12th, and choosing GAFA to lead you to the path of becoming a financial advisor, you get to meet all kinds of people once you have become one. A financial advisor works with individuals, advises employers on their retirement plan offering, or has a wide range of clients, or different hues. Every situation is unique, different and one that requires you to come up with solutions to meet their specific needs. You get to dig deep into people’s stories and find out what’s important to them so you can in turn help them plan to preserve those things and protect what matters most to them.

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