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Learn Money Management Tips for College Students with GAFA – we offer one of the best Finance Courses In India

14 July 2018

  College is a major step in an individual’s life. College is considered to be the three golden years of a life it is all about being on your own, gaining life lessons, being responsible yet carefree – in short it is a small step towards adulting. If you are someone who wants make the most out of a shoe-string college budget, keep reading! GAFA provides the best one of the best finance courses in India and brings a few money management tips for all the college students.

  • Budgeting: One should start budgeting from college and make it a regular practice to create a budget list and stick to it. Creating a budget list will help you to allocate all your money and reduce unnecessary expenditure.
  • Choose the correct banking system: It is very important to know the working of the bank and which is the correct banking system for you . Moreover choose a bank account which has no minimum balance and offers student benefit.
  • Saving: Saving is a very good habit which will benefit one in future. Keep aside an amount from your monthly pocket money and let that saving earn some interest.
  • Learn everything about finance: Join some finance courses in India which will help you to learn everything about finance from banking, budgeting, stock market, mutual funds and many more.
  • Make some money out of your hobby: If you love singing, dancing or painting, start giving classes and share your knowledge. If you have a DSLR become a part time photographer. Earning a little amount of money from your hobby is always a plus.
  • Say no! : If you cannot afford a dinner or lunch, a get together at an expensive place or an expensive gadget, say a NO to it!

Start building your prosperous journey of with Finance after 12th with GAFA – a power packed course designed by the NSE Academy in joint association with EIDOS. Sign up for one of the best finance courses India on today!

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