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Last Minute Tips & Hacks To Score 99% In Board Examinations

30 January 2019


Board examinations can be nerve wrecking. The pressure to score above 95% is enormous. Students all over the nation prepare for their board examinations from the beginning of the year. Extra tuitions, numerous pages filled with notes, extra classes at school, etc. become the way of life. However, there are certain things that you can do with one month in hand before appearing for your first exam. We have summed up a few pointers that will help you reach the score you are aiming for.


  • Teach what you have learnt: An excellent way to revise and test yourself without actually sitting for a mock test is to teach your peer what you have learnt. This way you will understand whether you have understood every concept or not. However, do not get nervous if you cannot explain certain topics. Selective study is a common practice during board examinations. Therefore, you should focus on trying to make sure you explain those topics to the best of your potential the ones you have prepared for. If you are unable to find someone who is looking to learn the topics then you can always sit in front of a mirror and try to teach the concept to yourself like you would teach someone else.
  • Challenge yourself: You are your biggest challenger. No one understands your strengths and weaknesses better than you. Thus, setting targets for yourself is a good way to challenge yourself. The more you set targets and time limits, the better you will become at that subject. This is a good practice for numerical based subjects. With time, you will become better and solve the numericals faster. Additionally, it is a proven fact that if students practice more, their confidence level also increases. If you want to successfully score above 95%, you have to make it your mission to improve your performance everyday.
  • Stick to the syllabus: When students have only one month left in their hand, the mind starts to wonder if more is good. Here’s a quick tip, more is not always good. Board examination question papers are always set according to the syllabus. You do not need to search for heavyweight research books to prepare for a subject. All you have to do is stick to your syllabus. The syllabus will have everything that you need to study for. The key to success when it comes to board examinations is sticking to the syllabus book as closely as possible. You might use a different version or edition of the recommended book, however, when it comes to sub topics, stick to what has been given in the syllabus book.
  • Practice from sample papers: It can be well assumed that with a month left, you have made your preparations and are now on the path to revise. Therefore, a good way to measure your knowledge would be to practice sample papers. Other than wasting your money on reference books that will not be required, invest your energy in looking for sample papers. If required, you can purchase a sample paper booklet. The more you solve, the more you’ll know. Additionally, solve previous years papers. These papers will contain a lot of important questions and will give you an idea of the type of questions you can expect during your examinations.
  • Get enough sleep: Students tend to get worked up as the exam date approaches. This is perfectly normal. However, you need to calm yourself down and get at least six hours of sleep. That resting period is essential for the brain to recharge. Our brain can only take so much load. It’s important we give it the deserved rest. It is important to stay fresh and focused, and for both you need to give yourself enough sleep.


The above are just a few pointers that will help you ace your exams. But ultimately, everything depends on how much you’ve studied! So prioritize, wrap up, and gear up for the most important moment of your school life. All the very best.


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