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Importance Of Extracurricular Activities During Student Life

20 February 2019

Students from all over the world are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities. One of the best ways for a student to grow themselves is by indulging in activities outside the four walls of the classroom. Every school, college, and university provides options such as sports, drama, music, personal development, etc. as extracurricular activities for their students. There are a number of benefits that students can avail from indulging in extracurricular activities.


  • Social opportunities: Extracurricular activities are an excellent platform for you to interact with peers who share similar interests as yours. Therefore, not only do you make new social circles but also get to know the different views of one topic. This will help you in growing your mindset and will help in expanding your thought process. Extracurricular activities will always help in growth and enhancing your knowledge.


  • Academic performance improvement: Students who indulge in extracurricular activities have shown significant improvement in their academic performances. This is because the more a student gets exposed to new activities, the more new experiences they have. New experiences always help in increasing the growth of the mind. Therefore, students learn how to manage their hobbies and passion alongside their education. Extracurricular activities increase the amount of interest that students show in class and this results in them achieving a better education.


  • Better time management skills: A student who has extracurricular activities on their daily schedule are more likely to understand the importance of time management skills than students who do not indulge in extracurricular activities. One of the main reasons why this is important is because time management is a skill that will be required throughout their career lives. A student who is able to prioritize day to day events will always be able to succeed more in studies, career and a happy life than someone who have not utilized the most out of their time.


  • Great addition to resume: Extracurricular activities are a great addition to any student’s CV. For example, students who have participated in sports will be viewed as an active team member by employers. Students who have music or theatre on their resume will be viewed as seeing situations with a creative mindset. Employers will always see the resume first before making an interview appointment. Therefore, having extracurricular activities on your resume will make it much more attractive than applicants who do not have any.


As student life passes by, extra-cirriculurs become a smaller part of our lives. Activities like freelancing, internships and side-by-side courses comes into the picture. GAFA, by NSE Academy, in joint association with EIDOS, provides excellent finance courses for students who have successfully completed their class 12. At GAFA by NSE Academy, in joint association with EIDOS, we give an enhanced career experience to students who are willing to learn and study more than everyday finance. Our full placement assistance at the end of professional course gives an edge to an individual’s life texture and sets a high standard for them to achieve more and more for the rest of their lives.

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