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Why Do People Fail With Financial Planning? Learn Financial Planning with GAFA’S Finance courses after 12th

10 July 2018

Financial planning plays a very important role in an individual’s life because it is required at every step. Planning your finances involves nothing but having wealth, and having enough for your retirement. However, shockingly, a lot of us fail in financial planning and the reasons are: Low Awareness The awareness of financial planning of an investor in India is very low. They do not know what good finance planning is and what is beneficial for them. They neglect good opportunities which can become a cause for regret later on. In order to avoid this, top financial institutions advise students to start their journey with understanding basic concept and planning from an early stage and build that interest with professional coaching. It is very important for students to do a finance courses after 12th standard itself. More Expenditure and Less Saving The major problem with our generation is that we spend a lot and mostly on unnecessary things. As a result, we lag behind in saving money and investments which leads to financial crisis and no financial planning at all. Lots of Financial Planners There are so many people like life insurance agents, relationship managers, tax consultants and brokerage houses who act as financial planners for their professional needs. It becomes very difficult for a common man to decide where to go and where to invest. “I can do it myself” syndrome Many people think that they can do their own financial planning and when they do this, it mostly results in failure. Financial planning is not random and in the absence of an expert, you may have to do it yourself. Moreover, for the youth who need to understand wealth planning but are unable to afford professional services, should be able enough to do it themselves initially. Many students are now opting for courses after 12th to get a better grasp of concepts from an early age.   Poor Goal Setting Time and money go hand in hand, when you waste your time and money, you’re only losing. Plan your day and think what you really want to achieve in your life to allot your finances accordingly in small amounts to begin with. Setting a goal is very important in financial planning.   Age-related issues During the early years, you are full of energy, healthy and working. But with time and retirement, your health can begin to deteriorate which can very well hold you back from doing all of the things you had planned. So, start doing your financial planning while there is still time! Start building your prosperous journey of finance courses after 12th with GAFA – a power packed course designed by the NSE Academy in joint association with EIDOS. Sign up for finance courses after 12th on today!

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