Expert GAFA

Expert Program in Global Applied Financial Analyst

This subject serves the objective of enhancing the quality of investment advisory and related services in the financial services industry. The students learn about the execution of plans learned in personal financial planning, it acts as the second level for the former subject. The basics of investment advisory and the steps involved in the advisory process. How to make and implement a financial plan and why is it necessary. The students will learn the use of excel for the calculation of corpus required to fulfill any future goals like - Education, Retirement etc. The concept of present value and future value is explained in details. The evaluation of different products and the concepts of insurance and retirement planning. Different types of taxes like - Income tax, Wealth tax and its impact in personal financial planning. The legalities of estate planning in personal finance, and regulatory aspects underlying advisory.

This subject equips the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform research on various companies. The student learns about the basics of Indian Securities Markets, various terminologies used in the equity and debt markets. They also learn how to research on an economy, an industry and a company. The different approaches to fundamental research, basic principles for micro and macro-economic analysis and key industry drivers. The qualitative and quantitative dimension of Company Analysis, Fundamentals of Risk and Return. The valuation principles and the philosophy of various Corporate Actions.

A commodity market is a physical or virtual marketplace for buying, selling and trading raw or primary products, and there are currently about 50 major commodity markets worldwide that facilitate investment trade in approximately 100 primary commodities. The Commodity Market derivative provides the student with a basic understanding of the Commodity market, the commodity derivatives market, the difference between commodity and financial derivatives, the evolution of commodity market in India, usage and pricing of commodity futures, NCDEX, its functions and the traded commodities, strategies of commodity trading and the Regulatory and Taxation aspects.

The subject gives the student a broad idea on how an exchange works. Foreign Exchange and Currency markets will give the students expert knowledge on the currency market and currency derivatives products. The student gets an overview of the Foreign Exchange market of India and the world. The major 5 currency pairs traded and the currency markets in India. The basics of currency Futures and Options and the pricing thereof, trading and using different strategies of currency derivatives as a risk management tool and the clearing and regulatory framework of currency derivatives.

Level 3
Expert GAFA – Rs.40,000/- plus applicable taxes