Associate GAFA

Associate Program in Global Applied Financial Analyst

The subject gives a basic idea about the stock market. The student will learn about investment objective, securities, the role of the primary market and the different terminologies, the issue of shares and their types, the secondary market, its functions and the stock exchange, the products in the secondary market, the depository and dematerialization of securities. Mutual Funds, and their types, the corporate actions and their effects, the clearing and settlement process, the concept and modes of analysis of the security market products.

The subject has been developed to give an idea about banking. The student will learn about the evolution of banking, the structure of Indian banking system, understanding the financial statement of the bank, understanding the assets and liabilities of the bank, role of RBI, Capital Adequacy, the Credit appraisal process and CIBIL, NPA, SARFAESI Act, banking for international customers, Treasury and foreign exchange management, Microfinance, restructuring and future of banking in India.

The subject has been designed to give an overview of the financial planning process. The student will learn about the need and importance of financial planning, the concept of saving and investment, budgeting and asset allocation, the simple rules of money, debt and its demerits, credit appraisal and credit cards, emergency funds, available avenues of investment, taxation, investment in precious metals, unique assets and real estate, education planning, retirement planning and estate planning, NPS, the concept of insurance- life, health and others, career opportunities in financial planning.

Mutual Fund and Fixed Income Securities explain everything one needs to know about the Mutual Fund industry. The student will learn about the concept of mutual fund, the legal and regulatory framework, understanding the Offer Document, the distribution channels, accounting, valuation and taxation of mutual funds, documentation and KYC compliance, return risk and performance of funds, selecting the right scheme, model portfolios and financial planning.

Level 1
One Time Admission Fee – Rs. 36,000/- plus applicable taxes
Associate GAFA – Rs. 40,000/- plus applicable taxes