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5 Advantages of Studying Finance with GAFA

16 March 2018

Here are 5 reasons WHY should study Finance with GAFA! 1. Career Opportunities When you have completed Global Applied Financial Analyst (GAFA) you have the opportunity to pursue jobs in the verticals of financial services, research firms, rating organizations, technical analyst, asset management companies, manufacturing firms, service industry, NBFCs. Some possible careers could include: Financial analyst Research Associate Investment Counselor Underwriter Portfolio & Fund manager Financial Planner or Consultant 2. Earn a High Salary If you enter a finance-related field, you may earn a lucrative salary, even in an entry-level position. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that financial analysts earned an average annual salary of $92,250 as of May 2014 (www.bls.gov). Budget analysts earned on average $73,940 per year, while financial sales agents earned on average $103,260, according to that same BLS report. Economists earned an average of $105,290, personal financial advisors earned an average of $108,090 and financial managers earned an average of $130,230. The entry-level pay differs from the averages. 3. Moderate to Fast Job Growth The BLS reports that employment opportunities were expected to grow as fast as average from 2014 to 2024 if you work in a finance-related field, particularly as a financial manager, financial sales agent, economist or financial analyst. Personal financial advisors were expected to see stronger than average job growth (30%) during that period, while budget analysts would see slower-than-average employment growth (3%). With GAFA, your career progress will be accelerated. 4. Learn How to Lead and Think Globally GAFA Business it focuses on real-life applied knowledge at a global level. Since the economy is becoming a global one, you will be a more strategic financial professional when you finish GAFA. If nothing else, you will be better at what you do. If you want to advance your career and hold a more prestigious title than you do, it could be in your best interest to earn your GAFA certificate to speed up the process. 5. Regulatory/Compliance Requirements As a financial analyst operating in the Indian Financial Markets, you are under the mandate to have Indian Regulatory Certifications. Not having these certifications, disallows you from operating in the markets. With GAFA, you receive 6 Indian Regulatory Certifications that are embedded in the program. Keeping up with these regulatory requirements will always help you qualify for a job or crack the GD or PI of any college you want to pursue your higher education from. Visit us at www.gafaglobal.com and sign up today!

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