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5 Ways You Can Save A Chunk Of Your Pocket Money

13 March 2019

For the most part of college years, students depend on the pocket money that they receive from their parents for

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5 Things That Are Destroying Your Set Budget

27 February 2019

Students are the target audience for all sorts of booming and trending industries. They are considered the most influenced as

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Importance Of Extracurricular Activities During Student Life

20 February 2019

Students from all over the world are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities. One of the best ways for

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Why Is It Important To Do An Internship/Dissertation In Your College Life?

6 February 2019

College life is essentially the first step we take towards building our future. However, staying within the four walls of

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Last Minute Tips & Hacks To Score 99% In Board Examinations

30 January 2019

  Board examinations can be nerve wrecking. The pressure to score above 95% is enormous. Students all over the nation prepare

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Steps to take in your 20s

23 January 2019

Create an emergency fund: It is time to not lure yourself into making luxurious expenses, even as small as

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8 Money Saving Ideas For Students

16 January 2019

Monetary struggles make it to the top 5 in every student’s struggles list. If you’re a student, you know this

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project finance

Six Smart Things That You Can Do With Rs. 10,000

12 December 2018

Invest in Equity Mutual Fund: Equity Mutual fund investments are a smart way to deal with spare money. You

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financial analyst course in kolkata

Finance Courses In Kolkata For Financial Analyst Roles.

8 December 2018

The world of financial markets have several opportunities made available to anyone looking for a career in finance. One of

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Reach Your Financial Goals: Finance Courses In Kolkata

17 November 2018

Financial goals are such that reaching them at times may seem tricky. However, with slight organisation and management, it will

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Tips On Stock Trading: Stock Market Courses In Kolkata

10 November 2018

Stock trading can be a tricky concept if you’re not clear on the basics of it. Investment comes in different

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Tips On Mutual Funds: Know The Financial Industry With The NSE Courses By GAFA

3 November 2018

Mutual funds are an important part of the finance industry. What are mutual funds? Mutual funds are a venture program

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NSE Academy And Finance Courses In Kolkata: 10 College Finance Hacks!

27 October 2018

College life is a time when students constantly find themselves short of money. Our aim here is to provide you

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History Of Banking In India: Finance Courses In Kolkata And NSE Courses

20 October 2018

Banking in India has an interesting history. The first bank to be established in India was the Bank of

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Know The Financial World: Finance Courses In Kolkata & NSE Courses

13 October 2018

Finance firms gives us certain tips and lessons on how to be part of the vast financial world and climb

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Stock Market Course In Kolkata Along With A Few Interesting Facts!

6 October 2018

Here are some things you’ll find interesting about the stock market: The oldest stock market in the

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Reasons Why Financial Education With A Sound NSE Courses After 12th Is A Worthwhile Investment

8 September 2018

Financial education with the right kind of NSE courses after 12th is the best investment in many ways. Here are

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How Taking Specific Courses Can Help You Develop Skills To Become An Entrepreneur

1 September 2018

  A course after 12th in finance is aimed at, among many things, making you a better entrepreneur. Now

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How Important Is It To Have Finance Courses In These Few Countries?

25 August 2018

When we talk of countries which are financially powerful, the foremost name that comes to our mind is the United

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For Inspiration In Courses After 12th, Top 3 Financial Bigwigs In A Snippet

22 August 2018

At GAFA, students are provided with the best financial courses after 12th which in turn will help them get good

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For A Sound Course After 12th, Know Role Of A Financial Advisor

11 August 2018

A financial advisor’s job is taxing, laden with new challenges, and at the same time hugely rewarding. At GAFA,

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Choosing The Right Courses After 12th Is The Key To Attaining Financial Independence

4 August 2018

Financial independence is a choice and after a point, a necessity. Those who are ambitious from a young age,

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Equipped With A NSE Course, Sky Is The Limit For Finance Professionals

28 July 2018

You will never have a dull moment wearing the jacket of a financial advisor, a banker or a chartered accountant.

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GAFA, Which Has The Best Finance Courses In India, Brings To You Some Of The Most Successful Personalities In This Field

21 July 2018

blog_content Personalities do make a difference as they set an example for every individual. All these personalities have had their share

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Learn Money Management Tips for College Students with GAFA – we offer one of the best Finance Courses In India

14 July 2018

  College is a major step in an individual’s life. College is considered to be the three golden years

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Why Do People Fail With Financial Planning? Learn Financial Planning with GAFA’S Finance courses after 12th

10 July 2018

Financial planning plays a very important role in an individual’s life because it is required at every step. Planning your

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Why Studying Finance Is Important in Life From an Early Age!

7 July 2018

Did you know that the saying - “The Sooner the Better” applies equally in finance as well? Financial planning helps

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Wanting A Career In Finance? You NEED To Have These Skills!

2 June 2018

The career which is trending, and has the highest paid jobs these days are careers in finance! However there

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Global Career Opportunities from Studying Finance!

12 May 2018

With the massive growth of international business, there is a huge demand for individuals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding

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Do Professional Courses Help In Your Career Growth?

1 May 2018

Professional qualifications are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of industry sectors - not least of all fundraising -

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Basic Finance Concepts You Need to Know!

7 April 2018

The basic financial concepts needed to thrive financially are highlighted throughout our site. However, we've listed them here with

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Current State of Financial Literacy in India

30 March 2018

Financial literacy is the education and understanding of various financial areas.his topic focuses on the ability to manage personal finance

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What Does It Mean To Be a Financial Analyst?

24 March 2018

Each day, countless bits and bytes of financial information are gathered, monitored and crunched to keep markets – and companies

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5 Advantages of Studying Finance with GAFA

16 March 2018

Here are 5 reasons WHY should study Finance with GAFA! 1. Career Opportunities When you have completed Global Applied Financial

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12 February 2018

Students are always stressed out about making the right career choices. Once that's done, it gets worse when they have

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1 November 2017

In a 2011 Career Builder Survey of more than 2,600 hiring managers and human resource professionals it has been found

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5 ways startups can beat big companies

1 November 2017

Most startup entrepreneurs face tough and direct competition from big billion dollar companies whom they can hardly compete in terms

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